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Making conscious decisions requires meditation on how that decision will impact your life. Every day we are encountered with frequent alternatives and have to make decisions. Continuously deciding over trivial things; such as, what time we will wake up? what clothes to wear? what to have for breakfast? which route to take? and many more.

Every decision you make; intentional or not, will affect the direction your life takes. The decisions you make today will directly impact what you achieve in the future. When you decide to study, you open a door of opportunities that will change where you are 2 years from now.

The difference between a student that chooses to study for the ASVAB and one who doesn’t; is that every decision they make will get them one step closer towards achieving their goals. There is no uncertainty, because their purpose is clear. Their time and energy are focused on achieving their goal, and they will find the tools necessary to set them up for success.

Success can be described in many ways:

  • I joined the US Military Forces vs I joined the US Military Branch I wanted.
  • I got a job in the US Military Forces vs I qualified for the job I dreamed in the US Military.

These four statements can be achieved by taking the class, but by putting in the effort and deciding to prioritize your goals, you increase your chances for success. Everyone has a different perspective on success, and this will determine what you set out to do and the effort you dedicate to achieve it.

ASVAB IQ+ can be the opportunity of success for anyone that is ready for a change, based on their interests and goals. A change that is secure, better and with purpose.


“Study from the best, be the best” XD
Author: Director Marketing Yahaira Fuentes
Edited: and revised Head Assistant Sussan Cardona