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Fernando II Cardona Barreto

Instructor and the owener of Review of ASVAB IQ+ LLC.

Over the past years, I have focused on transmitting the knowledge I gained. Here you can see my scores for the ASVAB and other specialized tests to qualify as an officer in the AIR FORCE (AFOQT) and NAVY (OAR).

This is not only my job; it is my passion.
Never give up. Let’s pass!

If you need help getting a good score, email us at: [email protected] or text +1 (939) 638-5080


94 AFQT 123 GT 2014
Version 6E

99 AFQT 140 GT 2016
Version 9E

99 AFQT 145 GT 2018
Version 8E

You may review the jobs sections (line scores); these scores qualified me for every job within the military by meeting their ASVAB requirements.


Air Force’s Officer and Pilot test.
Approved. The Pilot passing score was 50, and I scored 91 and qualified for all the jobs.


Navy Officer’s test. Approved
The passing score is 35, and I scored 55/80.