Learn by doing and through practice

What Sets Us Apart?

The school offers a clear path to achieving a great score on the ASVAB. Our philosophy has always been learn by doing and through practice our students improve. Our online platform provides students with a variety of resources that facilitate the learning process.

We offer flexible schedules that allow you to prepare for the ASVAB without having to take time off from work. Depending on the program selected, you can have the opportunity to clarify doubts with Fernando.

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Proud to be part of your journey

Why Our School is Different?

One of the things that set us apart is that we care, our student’s success is our success and we are proud to be part of your journey.

We strive to help you surpass your expectations because we believe in our students potential and our services. The only thing left is that you believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. To make the decision to invest your time and effort in your future.

Fernando has over 9 years specializing in preparing students for the ASVAB and has achieved the highest score possible on the ASVAB (twice). This experience has enabled him to determine what is important and what concepts students should focus on to achieve a high score.