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Repasos de ASVAB IQ+ LCC is a private company specialized in offering educational services focused on the exams required to enlist in the US Military. A Puerto Rican company that has been operating for over 8 years helping students within and outside the United States reach their goals.  It is our commitment to guide our students through the process to ensure they are ready for the test. Providing them with logic-based strategies, key elements to memorize and practice based on the ASVAB to ensure they are targeting their studies to achieve higher scores. All our services are online.

Fernando Cardona the owner and instructor for Repasos de ASVAB IQ+ LCC, began helping students pass the ASVAB after trying to enlist when he was 25 years of age. Although he was motivated after achieving one of the highest scores. To his surprise, he did not pass the physical exam due to a progressive vision disease “Keratoconus”.

After being disqualified; multiple people reached out to him to get help with the ASVAB. As a result, he decided to create a course based on his experience taking the test and his background as a math professor in the Department of Education of PR. He started offering his services to a small group of students that believed in him. As time passes, the students that participate in his class share their experience and accomplishments. As a result this has enabled Fernando to help more students reach their goals and enlist in the US Military Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fernando's Qualifications

He has a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and a Master in Business Administration with a subspecialty in Accounting. Over 10 years teaching and tutoring and, scored twice the highest possible score on the ASVAB 99 AFQT.  He is committed to helping and transferring his methods and techniques to the students.

Through my class I helped countless students reach their goals and change more lives than I ever could imagine. – Fernando Cardona-Barreto