I Highly recommend! Scored a 76 in a month! He is such great teacher. Everything I studied was on the test.

Lexie Moore

I would highly, highly recommend Fernando and this program. Initially I had an AFQT of 61 with a GT score of 105. In just one month, I improved my score to an AFQT of 87 with a GT score of 117. I needed a GT score of 110 for Army OCS. Fernando will help you get the score you need no matter what.

Mark Santos

Best investment I’ve ever made! Got with Fernando, and used his materials. His techniques helped me pass the ASVAB with a much higher score than I ever could have imagined! Went from 30 to 67 AFQT. The key is you have to apply yourself to studying and being consistent. Trust the process!! Trust Fernando!! #Tranquillo

Jimmy Aviles

I definitely recommend Fernando! Best tutor ever! Went from a 15 to a 70!!! I couldn’t be anymore happier! Thank you Fernando!

Janey Decena

Fernando is a great tutor! I was curious on how he can teach both English and Spanish (speaking) students together, but he does it so well!! Helped me score a 70 on my first try! There is nobody like Fernando! Whoot Whoot! A++++

Markeesia Kamri

I graduated from high school 5 year ago and never again studied. Until 3 weeks ago, when I started studying with Fernando to take the ASVAB for the Air Force, best repasos out there. I scored a 93 in General category all thanks to a great program “ASVAB IQ+”

Milenkov Inciarte Jr

I passed!!! So the biggest thing with Fernando is STUDY!!! He makes it easy and fun! He’s supportive and the most important thing HE WANTS YOU TO PASS! So very thankful for him and his hard work!!!

Emma L. Russell

Truly the best!!!!!!!!! went from a 22 to a 68

Lolaluna Sunny

The best tutor hands down. Back in 2014 I tried to join the Army and took the test twice. First I scored 7 AFQT, second time I scored a 16 AFQT so I gave up on my dream. About 3 months ago I decided to give it another try and started studying on my own. That didn’t go very well so I looked for tutors and stuff, that’s when I found Fernando. Signed up for his class, studied for about a month & half and took the ASVAB and scored 69 AFQT with 113 GT. I really recommend Fernando he’s truly dedicated and will make sure you pass. The beassssstt  ??

Joshua Troche

This excellent teacher is gonna make you pass without any doubt in my mind. Absolutely everyone passes with him, you just have to find the time to put in some work just like he does. First time I went in I barely new anything and got a 21 AFQT. Second time I went in after studying with Fernando for one month and got a 82 AFQT 119 GT. On the Confirmation I got a 93 AFQT. Number’s don’t lie, and plus you get 10x more than what you pay for. Study with the best, be the best. Good luck y’all! ⚓️

David Whiteside

Very compassionate, great teacher. Thankful for the knowledge God has bestowed upon him and allowed him to pass on to others. Within 2 and 1/2 moths I went from a 35 which isn’t even qualified to join the Air Force, to a 92!!! Thankful to God first and foremost and thankful to Mr. Fernando. ?

Tony Crockett II

Got to thank Fernando Cardona for helping me pass. I would highly recommend him. Worth every cent. Went from a 34 to an 80 AFQT. Never give up, study every day!

Olivia Matthews