8 tips to study for the ASVAB test (and ace it!)

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Written by Fernando Cardona & Eloisa Thomas

Before taking the ASVAB test, it’s very common to feel anxious. However, after almost 10 years coaching students to get through it, I know a trick or two that will make it easier to crush your goals. My tips to study for the ASVAB test aren’t made-up: they stem from years in the business and coaching thousands of students. I know that with a bit of effort on your part, your performance will exceed your goals!

Before we start with my top tips to study for the ASVAB test, it’s important to understand the first step to success is to recognize your goal: to pass the test. After thousands of successful students, I know that the “magic trick” to pass the ASVAB test is time and dedication. No weird, miracle cures: you have to put in the time!

My top 8 tips to study for the ASVAB test

Studying for the ASVAB test will force you to make an effort. But, whenever you feel your motivation starts to dwindle, remember why you want this!

1. Accept that you’ll make mistakes

Although it may feel like the end of the world, making mistakes is normal. So if, for example, you’re working on a practice test and you get the wrong answers, it’s not the end of the world. The important thing is what you do with your mistakes. We need to learn from our mistakes in order to move forward: after removing the frustration, ask yourself where did you fail. You don’t have to do everything right in order to achieve the ASVAB score you want. What you have to do is to keep practicing, and persevering. The more you practice, the better you will get.

2. Success isn’t magical, it depends on your consistency

It’s important to have realistic expectations. It’s impossible for everyone to get it right every time. Suppose you start studying, it’s your first day, and you say “Oh my God, I can’t do anything.” Well, it’s your first day. It takes time. Of course, you’re going to make mistakes! Eventually, you’ll start getting the answers right. But this takes time! You have to be patient, focus, and never give up. The key is staying consistent with your practice.

After helping thousands of students start their military careers with a great ASVAB score, I know smarts aren’t everything. It’s not about how smart you are, it’s about how consistent and determined you are. If you have determination and perseverance, you will pass the test. If every day you take an hour or an hour and a half of your time to review and study, you WILL get better. But if you never study, or study only one day and then forget about it the rest of the week, you won’t move forward.

As an instructor, I have learned that being smart doesn’t guarantee success, but being determined and consistent does”

3. This is a marathon, not a sprint

I always tell my students that they aren’t in a sprint, but in a marathon. That means slow and steady beats fast and in a hurry. It’s not about passing the test quickly, it’s about passing the test. Because of this, it doesn’t matter if it takes you three weeks or two months; as long as you pass your ASVAB test, it’s all good.

Thinking about it like this, it’s easier to be consistent. Don’t overcomplicate things, keep it simple! Just study, study, study, take the exam… and you’ll pass. And if you don’t meet your goal the first time, just keep studying. Very simple.

4. Make a schedule to study for the ASVAB test

Set aside a specific time each day to study. Make a schedule. For example, you can have thirty minutes of word knowledge practice and twenty minutes of paragraph comprehension. Or, you can arrange to do five paragraphs per day. Once you have a plan, the only thing you need to do is actually go through with it!

Studying includes practice time as well as reviewing the mistakes you made previously. Try to understand why you got it wrong before, and how you can solve it. The key is to try and study every day, at the same time, until you make it a habit.

If you are a busy person, try to work on a minimum of 150 words per day”

5. Set short-term goals (and crush them!)

I find setting short-term goals very helpful to avoid frustration. Short-term goals make it easier to accomplish your larger goals. For example, if your large goal is getting the scores you need on the ASVAB test, a short-term goal would be to have 50% of your target score, or even 25%. Once you meet that smaller goal, you celebrate and move onto the next one. Little by little, you’ll get closer to your large goal and it’ll be easier to accomplish that.

6. Don’t give up

This is my most important piece of advice: don’t stop until you pass. You have the goal of passing the exam, so you can’t quit! No worries, you won’t be alone. There’s a community of people in the same boat as you: connect with them and stick together!

7. Follow my tried-and-true study strategy

From my experience, I recommend that initially you focus most of your time studying Word Knowledge. Of course, you can also practice Math and Paragraph Comprehension. You can always choose to practice any other modules, but you have to practice Word Knowledge every day.

I recommend you study Word Knowledge until you score 85% or higher on our website. This is very important to get the scores you need in the ASVAB tests. Once every time you do a practice test you get pretty much the same score (85% or higher) you’re ready to continue with other modules.

In my experience, students need to focus on their mistakes and understand where they got it wrong. To do this make flashcards and in 2-3 weeks you’ll have them memorized”

8. Make a commitment to yourself

In almost a decade, I’ve never met a committed student that didn’t crush their goals so don’t give up! Making a commitment also means investing in yourself. This can be hiring a tutor to offer you that extra support but is also studying every day because it’s what you want for your future.

My final thoughts

As a tutor, I know the single most important thing for you to pass the ASVAB test is to not give up. Invest in yourself and you’ll see positive results! Of course, if you feel you need extra support, I’m happy to help! When you become my student, you’ll have access to live lessons, personalized advice, and one on one time to make sure you get the best possible score.

Interested? Connect with me here, send me an email or call me at +17872238189. Together, we’ll make sure you ace the ASVAB test!